Residential & Commercial Electric Services:

In business for 10 years, Our Pasadena Electric Services, is proud to help you with all of your electrical service needs. Our electrical contractors have years of experience and are bonded and licensed in the state of California. We can do everything from burn out repairs of fire damaged residential and commercial properties to complete electrical remodels, removal, and demolition of damaged electrical property.

If a Pasadena electrician is needed, Our Pasadena Electric Services is the full service solution for residential commercial electrical work in Pasadena, CA. We have fully stocked service trucks equipped to offer on-site electrical repairs and maintenance any time, day or night.

At Our Pasadena Electric Services, we recognize that electrical equipment problems can affect the bottom line. That's why we guarantee accurate, on-time service to get your operation and business running in the right direction. Our on-call service technicians are trained to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical repairs and maintenance regardless of the scope of work.

Pasadena Electric Services' residential services are offered throughout the Pasadena region. Home owners call on Pasadena Electric Services' for everything from minor repairs to major projects. Some of our most popular services include:

Electricial Panel Installation:

Whether you need to repair your old fuse panels with new circuit breaker panels or you're looking to increase the size of your main electrical service, Pasadena Electric Services can take care of all of your electrical panel installation needs. Pasadena Electric Services is the premier electrical contractor company in the Pasadena, CA area. We have provided excellent service on electrical panel installation, circuit breaker and fuse panel replacement and main electrical service maintenance.

Celling Fan Installation:

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. A ceiling fan can make a significant difference in your home or office's climate. During both hot and cold months, ceiling fans can regulate the temperature in your space at a far lower cost than other solutions. Pasadena Electric Services offers easy installation for any kind of ceiling fan for your home or office.

Whether you have an existing fan that needs to be replaced, or would like to install a new ceiling fan, Pasadena Electric Services can perform the entire installation for you. Our qualified electricians can install all ceiling fan rated boxes, wiring and switches you may need. We can install your new ceiling fan in place of a central light fixture or install your fan in a new area by bringing electrical power to the chosen site.

Most ceiling fans draw about the same power as a ceiling fixture, so existing electrical circuits can handle the power needed. However, if your new ceiling fan includes lights, we will ensure that your electrical circuit can sustain the required load. At Pasadena Electric Services, we want to make sure that all of our customers enjoy trouble free enjoyment of their ceiling fans all year round.

Home Automation in the Pasadena Area:

• Imagine as you arrive at your Pasadena home, the air conditioning gently starts up with a soft buzz, the lights in your home automatically switch on to your pre-programmed dim welcome setting as you enter each room and the curtains slightly open on their pre-programmed home arrival setting toward the back garden. This is doable in today's world with a home automation system.

• As advanced technology becomes more inexpensive and readily accessible, so home automation will become an increasingly standard feature in the 21st century home. Pasadena homeowners who choose to modernize their homes stand to receive a sizable return on their investment when it comes to the resale of the property.

• Home automation systems are pre-programmed to your specific needs and preferences. These can be based on factors such as time of day, sunlight level, intrusion, your current mood, your movements within the house, or whether you are at home or out. Sensors in and around the house together with a central computer automatically controls heating and cooling, lights, irrigation and water features, security beams and locks, audio-visual equipment and even blinds, curtains and skylights.

Security Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Solutions :

Outdoor Security Lighting from a Pasadena electrician creates a safer environment for your home. Sleep easier with the help of this full-service, turnkey program that provides complete outdoor lighting systems for Pasadena homeowners.

Designed for Better Security

Let us help you create a lighting system that meets all your needs. One of our service technicians will visit your property to design a lighting plan tailored to your requests. Lights can be installed on existing utility poles or on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting.

Outdoor Lighting That Works!:

The guidelines listed below will help you ensure that your outdoor lighting does the job it is intended to do without causing reduced visibility for passing motorists, light trespass (spilling of light into areas where it is not wanted or intended) and energy waste. You'll also help preserve the stunning view of the night sky. Lighting installed for walkways and driveways should be directed downward.

• Accent lighting should illuminate only the intended objects.
• Use timers, photo cells and motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off.
• Use energy efficient bulbs.